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23rd Apr 2022

Opening drive - Sunday 24th April!

The green is ready for Sunday, are you? It's been a long winter and we have all probably got a bit sluggish (and let's be honest, piled on a few pounds) but fret no longer as salvation it at hand; the summer bowling season starts on Sunday 24th! Bowlers, please be at the club around 1pm for a prompt start at 2pm. When you arrive please get registered, help to lay the rinks out, get changed and then you can chat (quite often the reverse happens, if we do it right we will start on time). Non-bowlers and visitors, grab a chair and a cushion from the #3 shed and make yourselves comfy.

I don't know what the format of play is going to be but if as on previous occasions, it will be a small number of ends, winners move to the next rink, losers stay where they are and in the end it's the team with the most points who win or the top two teams play-off for a winner. The format will be announced before we start play so please PAY ATTENTION when that happens to avoid lots of people asking questions, the answers to which they would know if they had listened.

It looks like the weather will be sunny but with a chilly easterly wind so please come with suitable clothing to stay warm. Dress is whites as always and the most important thing to remember is HAVE FUN!!

PS. Whilst you are there you can take the opportunity to get your tickets (£8 each, from the bar) for the sing-along evening with Marie Saunders on 21st May.

PPS. The disabled wheelchair will be out and in use. If anyone would like to try it out to see if either they or a relative might find it useful to bowl then you can either before or after play.

Have a good summer everyone.


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