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Our History

Founded in 1956 in the heart of Chadwell Heath.

Below are copies of the photos that all around the St. Chads clubhouse, there’s a lot of history in the club, 60+ years worth this year but unfortunately there are no photos or details from the very early years. Should you be visiting this site and have some early photos then please do get in contact through the contact page.

To view any photo as a larger (or complete) image, simply click on the image and another window will open (maybe browser dependent),


Top | Left to right - Dave Wharf, Roy Hewitt, John Torr, Bernard Dowley, Joy Wright. Bottom | Left to right - Keith Hutton, Joyce Hewitt, John Lizzimore, Bob Mead, Jeff Freedman, Ben Torr

Lynn Seears 2021

Lynn Seears day bowlers also showing our new bowlers wheelchair modelled (and used) by Ken. [At the back] Richard Brown, John Torr, Eric Dipper, Jack Skinsley, Jeff Freedman, David Hunt, Keith Hutton, Stuart Mackenzie, Brian [Budgie] Adams, Bernard Dowley. {At the front] Paul Smeulders, Jakki Smeulders, Derena Reader, Joy Wright, Roy Hewitt, Ben Torr, Pat Little, Jennifer Floate, Joyce Hewitt, Bob Mead, Ken Alderton [in wheelchair]

Tarbard shield winners 1970 1

[Top row] J.Wright W.Martin E.Reed R.Flight W.Richardson J.Sargeant H.Eason E.Watts F.Ironmonger
[Middle row] J.Popplewell J.Lugton J.E.Davis J.Stobart W.Rix
[Bottom row] A.Brock H.Summer R.Heddie J.Ingram J.Thurlow F.Legget

Tarbard shield winners 1972 1

[Top row] G.Selvage E.Kilminster S.Davey A.Stacey J.Wright E.Watts
[Middle row] H.Summer W.Richardson J.Sargeant S.Corringe H.Funnell J.Thurlow W.Harding F.Leggett
[Bottom row] A.Massey E.Mitchell W.Martin F.Grivell H.Weal W.Rix

Tarbard shield winners 1974 1

[Top row] W.Rix K.Leach F.Walker W.Final E.Edwards E.Watts
[Middle row] H.Funnell J.Ward A.Fokerd E.Kilminster C.Hunter W.Harding J.Ingram J.Sargeant H.Summer
S.Holdstock T.Pierson L.Wiley W.Martin G.Selvage H.Wealand J.Lugton

Tarbard shield winners 1989 2

[Top row] D.Lloyd L.Pinguey R.Mackness G.Porter F.Fisher W.Blackmore J.McDade G.Aldcroft F.Fox R.Geal
[Middle row] J.Campbell H.Yates D.Thorogood W.Seears T.Gamman E.Pratt
[Bottom row] E.Mitchell F.Ironmonger R.Coleman R.Lloyd D.Thomson R.Dawkin

Tarbard shield winners 1995 2

[Top row] D.Lloyd J.Lizzimore R.Tinton C.Ball G.Taylor J.Herbert S.Hughes
[Middle row] W.Abell G.Hunt E.Pratt R.Lloyd K.Burns G.Frost
[Bottom row] F.Ironmonger D.Thomson E.Lee

Tarbard shield winners 2003 2

[Top row] C.Cover S.Ward R.Tinton G.taylor E.Pratt J.Lizzimore R.Nicholls J.Tooke C.Spelling J.Shaffer
[Middle row] G.Hunt A.Luckcraft E.Merrit D.Caton J.Jennings D.berry S.Hughes A.Little T.Higgins
[Bottom row] F.Collins W.Abell D.Woodcraft D.Dielhenn M.Rees A.Wood E.Lee R.Hollowbread

Tarbard shield winners 2004 2 1

[Top row] G.Taylor A.Perry M.Fitzgerald D.Woodcraft S.Ward J.Spelling
[Middle row] J.Lizzimore D.Caton J.Jennins S.Hughes J.Tooke T.Higgins
[Bottom row] E.Lee D.Berry C.Cover D.Dielhenn W.Abell A.Wood

Tarbard shield winners 2008 2

J.Lizzimore S.Ward J.Tooke B.Mackenzie R.Kidd M.Rees A.Wood G.Porter E.Pratt R.Nicholls R.Clifford

Tarbard shield winners 2009 2

J.Lizzimore J.Spelling G.Porter A.Wood R.Kidd T.Woolston J.Smith R.Clifford B.McKenzie (captain) J.Tooke D.Goward D.Goodwin


R.U.R.A.L. plate winners 2007


St.Chads versus E.B.A. 1980


Ladies v Gentlemen - first match 2006


1964 Presentation dinner and dance


Ladies team 2015

St Chads day at Chelsea Hospital

St.Chads traveled to the Royal Chelsea Hospital to play the Chelsea pensioners in a friendly encounter. Some competitive action couldn’t produce a winner as the teams fought out a draw.

The St.Chads squad: Ernie Merrit, June Merrit, John Schaffer, Douglas Dielhenn, Brenda Morton, Don Caton, John Jennings, Gerry Cook, Stan Hughes, Brenda Woodcraft, Don Woodcraft, John Lizzimore, Jerry Edney, Joan Garforth, Jerry Woolston and Mick Fitzgerald.

2015 Team Presedents versus captains

Closing drive for 2015, the players in the President versus Captains afternoon.

Norma Percy 1

Drawn at the anniversary of Norma and Percy Dipino

Norma Percy 2

Drawn at the anniversary of Norma and Percy Dipino

Presidents day 1984

Presidents day 1984

Presidents day 1989

Presidents day 1989

Presidents day 1990

Presidents day 1990

Presidents day 1990 2

Presidents day 1990 - presentation

Presidents day 1995

Presidents day 1995

Presidents day 1996

Presidents day 1996

Presidents day 1998

Presidents day 1998

Tarbard Shield winners 1970

Tarbard Shield winners 1970

Winner Dagenham Town Show 1996 cropped

Winner Dagenham Town Show 1996

Wales outing0001

Wales outing (unknown year) - original photo was damaged but all the people can still be seen

Windsor match 1992

Windsor match 1992

Presidents day unknown year2

Presidents day (unknown year)

Presidents day unknown year3

Presidents day (unknown year)

Presidents day unknown year4

Presidents day (unknown year)

Presidents day unknown year

Presidents day (unknown year)

Men unknown year

Men (unknown year)

County Fours Area Finalists 1995 R Field R Gibbins A Abell and I Burns

County Fours Area Finalists 1995 (R.Field, R.Gibbins, A. Abell and I.Burns)

From left P Dipino George Porter two unknown

From left, P. Dipino, George Porter (two unknown)

John Lizzimore Brian Mackenzie Stuart Mackenzie and Barbara Titmuss

John Lizzimore, Brian Mackenzie, Stuart Mackenzie and Barbara Titmuss

Ladies no details

Ladies (no details)

Ladies unknown details 2 BW

Ladies (no details)

Ladies unknown details 3

Ladies (no details)

Ladies unknown details 4 BW adjusted

Ladies (no details)

The following photos kindly provided by Geoffrey Regan.

This will be updated further when we have more information and this is where you can help. If you have information regarding dates and/or names or anything else (anecdotes, funny incidents, anything) for any of these pictures then please contact us.

New members are always welcome

Pop in and give it a try, any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon or contact us to arrange a convenient time.