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Countdown to 2024 summer season


Internal Competitions

Listed below are the tables for the internal competitions for the 2024 summer season. Remember it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of proceedings, not the competitions manager.

Please ensure all games are played by the indicated date, failure to do so may result in the internal competitions manager deciding that both players concede the game meaning that the prospective opponent in the next round gets an automatic bye.

The first named player(s) is the challenger, they should contact the opposition to arrange a date but if the opposition wish to make the contact then that is permitted. Whoever makes the contact, can all other players please respond to the contact a.s.a.p. as common courtesy.

All singles games require a marker to be used, it is the responsibility of the challenger to arrange the marker.

Can a winner of a game please email the result to stchadsbc@hotmail.co.uk as well as placing the game card in the blue folder or the holder in the men's changing room. This page you are reading now could be the easiest (or only) way for you to know who your next opponent is.

New members are always welcome

Pop in and give it a try, any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon or contact us to arrange a convenient time.