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26th Jun 2021

Latest vandalism

Hi all,

It is always depressing to report on vandalism at the bowling green. We haven't had any for a while but it's happened again. This time Stuart arrived at the green this morning for mowing and found broken glass from a spirits bottle in one of the gullies and a lot of broken glass and shards on the grass. It looked like there had been a party on the unused green, we were possibly fortunate that the electrified fence was installed, that probably stopped them going onto the new green. This glass was a hazard to the mower as it could cause damage to the blades but more importantly, glass could shatter in the blades and cause severe injury to the person doing the mowing or standing nearly. It took Stuart an hour to clean up before he could mow.

The issue has been reported to local policeman Steve Smee who is trying to get a meeting together with local councillors and the council to discuss children on the pavilion roof, to date without success..

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