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11th Mar 2020

Hole reparation day

Over the winter our bowling green suffered a lot of damage due to birds (mainly magpies, crows and pigeons). We suspected that foxes were also possibly to blame for some of the larger holes but we haven't seen any direct evidence of this. We did ask the council for permission to put up a fox fence and this was granted. Since then we have tried bamboo poles and holographic tape and has, to date, worked really well. We haven't seen birds on the green since the poles went up or had any further damage being done so we have put off putting up the fox fence for the time being. Today, 11th March, we had a hole reparation day to fill in as many holes as we could find. Help from the membership was requested by email and at the General Meeting last Sunday and 7 members responded on what was a nice afternoon. A few people had given apologies but 7 people was still disappointing. Thanks to Dave Jarrold, Ken Alderton, Eric Dipper, Paul Smeulders, Stuart Mackenzie, John Torr and Bernard Dowley for making the effort. Jeff Freedman came and made teas/coffees which was welcome. A group photo of the "team" is below, thanks to all to making the time.

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