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05th Oct 2021

Green renovation - day 1

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone (John T, John L, Ted, Paul, Ken, George, Jeff, Keith, Stuart, Richard, Jim, Gloria and Bernard) who turned out for the first day of the renovation yesterday, we did very well. The mats are up, cleaned and stacked again for the winter, the green had two cuts and was scarified in one direction. This may not sound like a lot but it kept 10 people busy nearly all day, we could quite honestly have done with a few more for getting the mats up. We had a little bit of trouble fitting the scarifier cassette into the new mower but once it was figured out what the issue was we soon got underway. The amount of material we took off the green with just one scarify was quite simply amazing, the new equipment we bought this year is really paying off. Today, Tuesday, we are not doing anything because of the rain last night and the forecast is for more showers today. We have experience of doing the renovation in between showers and it's not a pleasant experience so today is a day off. Tomorrow however, we will be back for the 2nd scarify starting at 11am and we will need a good turnout again because we will have 3 wheelbarrows on the go constantly. We will also hollow tine tomorrow which should be an interesting experience. Following that we need to over-seed and put fertiliser down and then brush or loot. Come to make teas/coffees if you can't do physical work. It's possible, probable even, that we won't get the last stages done tomorrow either which will mean Thursday as well so PLEASE come to help tomorrow, and Thursday if necessary, as it will make the work easier and quicker. Please do not be someone who thinks that you don;t have to bother because these is bound to be sufficient help. If everyone thinks that way then nobody turns up and nothing gets done. We are doing well so far, let's keep it going! Bernard, on behalf of the team. PS. If I have left anyone off the thank you then please let me know! (Dave J, I know you were there but had to go before we started)

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