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10th Mar 2022

Club maintenance day - 10th April

Hi all,

We will have a club maintenance day on 10th April. If the 10th turns out to be a total washout then we will attempt to do it during the following week.

This is one of only a few days in the year when we expect you, the members, to come and help with club maintenance (the others are the green renovation days October). This spring maintenance day is to get ourselves ready for the summer season. As such, these are the things we have to get done this year: -

  • Put the gully mats down. This requires them to be inspected and any that are torn to be discarded and those that are dirty from the winter, to be pressure washed before being laid.
  • Re-paint the rink markers (blue, yellow, red and black). Some are still there from last year but many, especially at the south (allotment) end, have almost totally worn off. Prior to painting this year, the gully edges need to cleaned with a mix of water, bicarbonate of soda and hydrogen peroxide .
  • Sort out the inventories of the 2 existing smaller containers and move some to the new container behind the older two. The right container needs to be clear enough to have both wheelchairs in it.
  • Clear the visitors changing room. All items in the visitors changing room need to go up on the shelves, relocated to the outside containers or disposed of if they have not been used in a long time. The walls can then be washed down with sugar soap before they are painted.

There are other things that need doing such as re-tiling the kitchen outside wall (many tiles have either already fallen off or are loose), those can be done on different days

It's most likely that not all these will be done on the 10th, some may be done before and some maybe a little later. We all know or can all see what needs doing so please be proactive if you can and don't wait to be asked before offering your help. As a member you need to help out where you can, when you can and use you abilities to help the club. Not everyone can paint, tile etc. and that's ok, we all need to do our bit though no matter even if it's just making teas & coffees.

This is not all to fall on the shoulders of just a few members as it so often does, you must all muck in and help.

See you [all!] there.



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