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28th Jul 2019

2019 2-woods singles day

On the 28th July we played our 2-woods singles day. This internal competition was resurrected 2 years ago when Stuart Mackenzie was the winner. Last year we were unable to play this competition due to the weather being too hot, this year the rain could have been our undoing but it held off and the afternoon was quite pleasant. Thanks go to the 18 players that took part. A few prospective players dropped out but the 18 players were grouped into 6 mini-leagues of 3 players who each played 2 rounds of 10 ends each to decide a winner for each mini-league who would contest a quarter final, added to these 6 were the two best runners up from the leagues to make the 8 players needed. Following the quarter and semi-finals, the final was contested by Brian Mackenzie and Jeff Freedman with Jeff being the worthy winner after the final 10 ends played. All in all, a very enjoyable day and thanks again to everybody that took part and helped out especially to Dave Jarrold for both organising and running the day as well as standing in (he hadn't intended to play) to be the 18th player so that there were enough players to complete a mini-league. To Jeff, very well played. To everybody else, better luck next year and I hope that even more people then take part.

Picture above showing Jeff with the winners cup and Brian holding the runners-up plate.

For those interested, click on this link 2-woods day 2019 to download the results spreadsheet (you need Excel to view this) For those without Excel or who would just like to know the finals results of the quarter finals, semi-finals and final are shown below.
1/4 Final
Q1 Eric Dave 8 5
Q2 John Paul 9 7
Q3 Derena Jeff F 1 13
Q4 Brian Stuart 8 5
Semi Final
S1 Jeff F John 9 7
S2 Brian Eric 9 3
Jeff F Brian 8 5

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