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30th Sep 2021

Wormcasts and swishing

Our wormcast situation is pretty horrendous at the moment. The casts are sticky and clog the roller on our mowers as well as blunt the cylinder blades. We have so far tried 4 different ways/products to stop the casting and had very little success (as you can see...). In each case we spiked before application and just prior to heavy rain forecast.

We have tried:-

  1. Castaway - resulted in no improvement whatsoever, casting was as bad as ever despite several applications.
  2. Purity (both granules and liquid) - resulted in some worms coming up but not many. Liquid seemed to work better that the granules
  3. TourTurf TAG - best results of the 4 but only for the day after application. We put down 3 bags on the green, we have 2 more in reserve to try again if TAG can be reapplied within a month after the first treatment.

If anyone has tried something different that had some success if not spectacular then please let us know what it was.

And this is what we have to do every day to get rid of the casts and dew. Both can cause turf diseases and despite our swishing nearly every day this season we still had a really bad case of Dollar Spot. Still looking for the best way to treat that.

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