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05th Nov 2022

Watching the 2022 World Cup at the club

Fancy watching the World Cup games of the home nations at the bowls club? You can watch the game at home on your own or you can watch it at the club with others!

Why should you watch the games at the club: -

  • You can vent your frustration or joy by screaming at the TV, or burst into song without incurring the wrath of 'er indoors (unless she/he is equally vocal!) or your neighbours.
  • NO complaints that your other half wants to watch Corrie or Emmerdale.
  • You can have a drink at the bar and after the final whistle toast your teams success (or drown your sorrows).
  • A better atmosphere by viewing the game with other footie fans
  • You can disect the gameplay with like-mided others much better than listening to the self appointed expert pundits.
  • Bring a few of your mates to watch the game(s) together.

If you don't want to watch the game (or it's going down the toilet), you can instead have a game of darts, table-tennis, cards (poker?) or just a chat to put the world to rights!

We will definitrly be acreening the home nations games but if other games are of interest then just mention it and we will be open for them as well.

World Cup 2022

TV coverage of England group games (all GMT)

21 November, 13:00: England v Iran - BBC

25 November, 19:00: England v USA - ITV

29 November, 19:00: Wales v England - BBC

TV coverage of Wales group games

21 November, 19:00: USA v Wales - ITV

25 November, 10:00: Wales v Iran - BBC

29 November, 19:00: Wales v England - BBC

Schedule for all 2022 World Cup group games

Sunday 20 November

Group A: Qatar v Ecuador (16:00) - BBC

Monday 21 November

Group B: England v Iran (13:00) - BBC

Group A: Senegal v Netherlands (16:00) - ITV

Group B: USA v Wales (19:00) - ITV

Tuesday 22 November

Group C: Argentina v Saudi Arabia (10:00) - ITV

Group D: Denmark v Tunisia (13:00) - ITV

Group C: Mexico v Poland (16:00) - BBC

Group D: France v Australia (19:00) - BBC

Wednesday 23 November

Group F: Morocco v Croatia (10:00) - ITV

Group E: Germany v Japan (13:00) - ITV

Group E: Spain v Costa Rica (16:00) - ITV

Group F: Belgium v Canada (19:00) - BBC

Thursday, 24 November

Group G: Switzerland v Cameroon (10:00) - ITV

Group H: Uruguay v South Korea (13:00) - BBC

Group H: Portugal v Ghana (16:00) - ITV

Group G: Brazil v Serbia (19:00) - BBC

Friday, 25 November

Group B: Wales v Iran (10:00) - BBC

Group A: Qatar v Senegal (13:00) - BBC

Group A: Netherlands v Ecuador (16:00) - ITV

Group B: England v USA (19:00) - ITV

Saturday 26 November

Group D: Tunisia v Australia (10:00) - BBC

Group C: Poland v Saudi Arabia (13:00) - ITV

Group D: France v Denmark (16:00) - ITV

Group C: Argentina v Mexico (19:00) - ITV

Sunday 27 November

Group E: Japan v Costa Rica (10:00) - ITV

Group F: Belgium v Morocco (13:00) - BBC

Group F: Croatia v Canada (16:00) - BBC

Group E: Spain v Germany (19:00) - BBC

Monday 28 November

Group G: Cameroon v Serbia (10:00) - ITV

Group H: South Korea v Ghana (13:00) - BBC

Group G: Brazil v Switzerland (16:00) - ITV

Group H: Portugal v Uruguay (19:00) - ITV

Tuesday 29 November

Group A: Netherlands v Qatar (15:00), Ecuador v Senegal (15:00) - both ITV

Group B: Wales v England (19:00), Iran v USA (19:00) - both BBC

Wednesday 30 November

Group C: Poland v Argentina (15:00), Saudi Arabia v Mexico (15:00) - both BBC

Group D: Tunisia v France (19:00), Australia v Denmark (19:00) - both BBC

Thursday 1 December

Group F: Croatia v Belgium (15:00), Canada v Morocco (15:00) - BBC

Group E: Japan v Spain (19:00), Costa Rica v Germany (19:00) - ITV

Friday 2 December

Group H: South Korea v Portugal (15:00), Ghana v Uruguay (15:00) - BBC

Group G: Cameroon v Brazil (19:00), Serbia v Switzerland (19:00) - ITV

Last 16

TV schedule for knockout stages will be confirmed after the group stages conclude.

Saturday 3 December

Game 49: Group A winners v Group B runners-up, Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan (15:00)

Game 50: Group C winners v Group D runners-up, Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan (19:00)

Sunday 4 December

Game 51: Group D winners v Group C runners-up, Al Thumama Stadium, Doha (15:00)

Game 52: Group B winners v Group A runners-up, Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor (19:00)

Monday 5 December

Game 53: Group E winners v Group F runners-up, Al Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah (15:00)

Game 54: Group G winners v Group H runners-up, Stadium 974, Doha (19:00)

Tuesday 6 December

Game 55: Group F winners v Group E runners-up Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan (15:00)

Game 56: Group H winners v Group G runners-up, Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail (19:00)


Friday 9 December

Game 57: Winners of game 53 v winners of game 54, Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan (15:00)

Game 58: Winners of game 49 v winners of game 50, Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail (19:00)

Saturday 10 December

Game 59: Winners of game 55 v winners of game 56, Al Thumama Stadium, Doha (15:00)

Game 60: Winners of game 51 v winners of game 52, Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor (19:00)


Tuesday 13 December

Game 61: Winners of game 57 v winners of game 58, Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail (19:00)

Wednesday 14 December

Game 62: Winners of game 59 v winners of game 60, Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor (19:00)

Third-place play-off

Saturday 17 December

Game 63: Losers of game 61 v losers of game 62, Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan (15:00)


Sunday 18 December

Game 64: Winners of game 61 v winners of game 62, Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail (15:00)

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