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18th Sep 2021

Three finals decided

Three internal competition finals were played today (Sat 18th). As they should be, all 3 games turned out to be thrilling games.

The Championship match between Jeff Freedman and Dave Jarrold was won by Dave Jarrold although he had to work for it. For a long time it looked like Jeff had the better of Dave but in the end Dave was the victor.

The Pegrum between Joy Wright and Pat Little was as close as it could possibly be. This game is decided by the first to reach 101 and they ended up level at 100 each meaning the person who had the 4 on the next end was the winner and Pat just edged it. What a good game that was, worthy of a final in anyone's book.

The Masters was played out between Dave Jarrold and Stuart Mackenzie. Dave built a strong lead but Stuart kept plugging away and in the end was victorious.

Congratulations to all 3 winners, they were excellent games to watch. So 3 finals down, 4 to go. The next finals are next Saturday starting at 10am. It would be really nice for the players and the club if as many people would turn out to watch so please do make the time and effort. It makes a lot of difference to have club support for the players.

You can see the results on the internal competition page 2021 Internal competitions - St.Chads Bowls (st-chads-bowls.co.uk)

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