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25th Apr 2022

The summer season has started!!

It was a nice sunny afternoon yesterday and the opening drive got going (almost) on time. We were unfortunately a bit light on numbers, some bowlers were not well or were away for the weekend. Nevertheless we had a good afternoon and the green played reasonably well, a little slow but better than we have had on previous opening Sundays and with use and warmer weather, it will get quicker. It was evident that the grass is really growing quickly at the moment, it was cut on Saturday (3 barrow loads of clippings taken off) but could have done with another cut yesterday.

This coming week we just have club rollups. If you are a full member then you are encouraged (strongly) to come to at least the rollups on Tuesday and Thursday to get some practice in and get the feel of the green. If you feel you would like to practice some more then by all means go along any day for an hour or more. Most bowlers have keys but if not then speak to Bernard or Dave Jarrold and we will get you keys for the access gate and clubhouse. You don't actually need to enter he clubhouse for keys to access the sheds where the green equipment is stored. There is a key-safe by the main entrance with keys, please ask Bernard or Dave for the tumbler combination.

The first games sheets are up on the notice board, please start to put you name down for matches. St Chads did very well in competitions last year, this year we can do even better. Also on the noticeboard is the sheet for the first outing to Lyminge. At the moment there are insufficient numbers for the outing to go ahead so please, if you intend to go either as a bowler or guest please get you name(s) down a.s.a.p.,

The internal competitions will start soon, the schedules will go up on the website very shortly. It can't be stressed enough how important it is that EVERYONE sticks to the due-by dates and gets their games played in time. In past years it has been chaotic at the end to get games played and that is not good for you the player (because you will be stressed) or for the person who has to manage the competitions (who will be VERY stressed indeed) so make everyone's life easier, plan and play your game(s) as soon as is practically possible.


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