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22nd Jun 2023

New club shirt - your input needed

The background for the new shirt is mainly that people find the existing polyester shirt too warm during hot weather. We have researched this quite a lot and found that almost all manufacturers now make their shirts from varying weights of 100% polyester fabric. Our current shirt from Zapkam is actually one of the lightest (140GSM) made by anyone so it is unlikely that there is anyone out there with a fabric that is lighter or cooler. There are one or two manufacturers who make shirts in Polyester-cotton as well but this has worse wicking features than 100% polyester and would therefor leave you feeling more sweaty or clammy. This new shirt feels nicer than the existing shirt mainly due to the way it's printed but it cannot redress the "too hot" issue, it is quite possible no sports shirt can (for a reasonable cost).

Below you can see pictures of an actual shirt in the proposed new club design. One change to this will probably be that the logo will be the same embroided logo as it is on our current shirts.

Before we proceed with this new design we need your input as to whether you like it, are neutral or dislike it. Should you dislike it then please elaborate what it is you don't like. If there are more who dislike it than like it or are neutral then we will go back to the drawing board.

For everyone who has already bought and paid for a club shirt, the club will pay for one new shirt for you, if you inherited or have been given a shirt then you will have to pay for a new shirt (around £27). In order that we order the right shirt for you, you need to tell us what size you want; there are instructions on how to check this here, https://www.zapkam.com/zapkam/...

Each shirt can be produced with your name already printed on it and it is therefor important that you get your size right, once delivered it cannot be sent back and if your size is wrong then the club cannot pay for another of a different size. The sizing of these new shirts is exactly the same as the existing shirt so if you are a large now, and don't want to change, then order a large again. If you would like something looser then go up a size. If you don't want your name on your shirt then state "NO NAME" in the email.

When you know what size you want then please send an email to stchadsbc@hotmail.co.uk with the size and the name (or none) you want on your shirt.

We hope to be able to set up a 'shop' on the Zapkam website so that shirts can in future be ordered individually by yourselves and we don't have to hold a stock of shirts of various sizes which is expensive for us to manage.

The current shirt will still be able to be worn for roll-ups but for matches against other clubs we will need everyone to be wearing the same new shirt to conform with dress code.

New shirt (Extra Large size)
New shirt (Extra Large size)

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