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10th Apr 2022

Maintenance day - update

Thank you to those members who turned out today for the maintenance day, we had 8 members, and 1 about to join, turn out. Thank you to Jeff, John Lizzimore, John Torr, Richard, George, Dave Jarrold, Scott and Tony for giving their time. I had messages from a few people who said they would not be able to come today but could on another day if needed, thank you for those offers.

Despite the low turnout, we managed to get all the items on the to-do list done, the main one getting the gully mats down so that we are ready to start to bowl again. One or two jobs need revisiting to ensure greater efficiency of the used space but we did at least get the necessary done. The visitors changing room is now (almost) clear, ready for a washdown and repainting. If there is a willing volunteers amongst you, the members, to get this done then please let me know. The other major job is to get the tiling in the kitchen sorted out. A lot of tiles on the sink wall have 'popped' and need replacing. Again, is there a wiling volunteer to take this on? Again, please let me know if you can help with this.


Club Secretary

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