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26th Sep 2021

Internal competition finals....one to go

All but one of the clubs internal competitions have been completed, results can be found in the usual place, 2021 Internal competitions

One final still to be played tomorrow (Monday Sep 27th), weather permitting, is the Handicap between.... (take a look at the competition page).

Managing these competitions has been difficult again at times this year and having the finals this late in the season has also made life very difficult for everyone involved. This CANNOT happen again next year. Many players have been very diligent and played their games well in time and for that we thank them. Being diligent though doesn't stop you being affected by others who may not be. Games being played late cause a backlog and this puts the internal competition secretary in a very difficult position as those people causing games to be played late should usually be disqualified but with few entrants already that is self-defeating. All we are asking for is commitment from players to get games played on time. If anyone thinks that playing a few games late really can't be such an issue then please, put your name down for being the internal competition manager next season and find out.

Finally, this note isn't intended to put people off going in for the internal competitions next, year, far from it, it is simply asking for you to realise that playing games late has consequences. Sometimes that can't be avoided however and we can be flexible but it has to realised that this affects not just the players for that one game, it can cause problems for others as well. We want as many as possible to enter the internal comps, if you don't them there is no point running them, but PLEASE stick as far as you can to the scheduled dates.

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