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06th Oct 2021

Green renovation - day 2

Carrying on from yesterday on day 2 we scarified in the 2nd direction, hollow tined and then ran the verti-cutter over the extracted cores to break then up. Like yesterday, that sounds like not a lot work done but really we could have done with more help for the scarifying as this was slow due to having to wait constantly for the wheelbarrows to be emptied. It really is quiet disappointing and disheartening when help is not forthcoming. A few people had let me know that they were no available but otherwise, no feedback at all. We have one more day to do, there simply wasn't enough time today to do all the work. So we will meet at the green again tomorrow at 10.30am to do the 2nd verti-cut and then lay down fertiliser and new grass seed. After that we will swish to mix up the grass seed, fertiliser and residual cast material and we may then roll the green to make sure the grass seed has good contact with the soil. . After this the renovation is done but that isn't the end of it for the green maintenance team... More on that tomorrow. Bernard.

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