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04th Jul 2024

Good feedback from County Triples QF held at St Chads

There was nice feedback from the teams who played in the ECB Triples Quarter Finals this evening (4th July). They were very complementary about the green (one said it was the best green he had played this season) and about the hospitality.

Getting compliments about your green is very gratifying, it makes all the work put in that bit more worthwhile so thank you to everyone who are involved in green maintenance. Thanks also to those who helped with the hospitality this evening, especially Joy and Jeff who didn't get to see very much of the play as they were busy with the bar and getting the food ready.

We may be hosting one more QF next week (either Wednesday or Thursday). One QF couldn't be played this evening as one of the players is involved in an England game so that could be a great game to come and watch next week (and it will hopefully be a bit warmer than it was this evening!).

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