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03rd Oct 2021

End of 2021 outdoor season

Our closing drive was held on 3rd October and with it another bowling season bites the dust. Well, the playing part anyway, green maintenance starts in ernest tomorrow, 4th October.

The closing drive was organised by Jeff and he did a pretty good job of it, nay mishaps (there were a few) were not down to him but rather down to the players getting them thoroughly confused at times. The format was nice and simple, 4 rinks of pairs, 3 ends per game, everybody playing 21 ends in total. The intent was to stop for tea and nibbles after 4 games but the rain intervened and we had to go off after 3. But the sun was out not long after and stayed out, all games were played by 5.15.

A big THANK YOU goes to the ladies who laid on the sandwidges and other eats, it was very kind of you to have done this and went down very well.

Also a big THANK YOU to Jeff, who did a great job despite not having done anything like it before

It was a pity that grass couldn't have been cut but due to the damp, the worm cast situation and a lack of time it wasn't possible making it a bit heavy to bowl. The green was swished though before play and before that much earlier in the morning (when some would still have been in bed) by the clubs unsung hero, John Lizzimore, on his own.

Lastly, thank you to all the members who turned out to play. Without you there wouldn't be a club and we need to remember that no matter how young, old, experienced or otherwise we may be, the club needs all of us to be a club and survive. Next years opening drive will be Sunday 24th April!!

Team Photo

From left to right: -

Front (in wheel chair): Ken Alderton

Front: John Lizzimore, Joyce Hewitt, Jennifer Floate, Jakki Smeulders, Paul Smeulders, Ben Torr, Keith Hutton. Bob Mead.

Rear: George Wilson, Jeff Freedman, Roy Hewitt, Bernard Dowley, Pat Little, Richard Brown, John Torr, David Hunt, Joy Wright

Missing from the photo is Jack Skinsley.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Torr

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