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10th Jul 2021

Clubhouse use post July 19th

Hi all, As you will have seen on the news, most Covid restrictions are (at the moment) due to be lifted by the government on July 19th to be replaced by persons taking personal responsibility for theit own safety and of that of those around them. Mandatory facemasks, social distancing and the rule of 6 at a table indoors are (amongst others) set to go to be replaced by people being asked to use their own judgement and act responsibly. We all know though that voluntary adherence never works all the time and Covid isn't going to go away, not for years, if ever. We should also remember that double-jabbed doesn't mean you cannot contract Covid anymore or pass it on. Where cluhouse use is concerned then, after the 19th July, the committee has decided to play it a little bit safe for some months longer, and as far as practical, we do the following:-
  1. Use sanitiser when entering the clubhouse and after you have been to the toilet. If you don't have your own, the club has plenty so don't skimp.
  2. If you are NOT double-jabbed then continue to observe the wearing of facemasks inside the clubhouse whilst not sitting. If you feel safer wearing one then continue to do so.
  3. If you have been in contact with anyone who was Covid positive, please do not come to the club for at least 7 days after you found out, either verbally or as advised via the NHS Covid app.
  4. if you are coming to a social session at the club (i.e. extended contact inside with others), please take a home Covid test, if you can, prior to coming.
If anyone thinks this is unnecessary then let us hope you are right but it's not asking a lot and bear in mind that what you do at home affects only you and those indoors with you; when you come to the club you are potentially affecting up to 60 others. Thank you for staying safe and keeping others safe.

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