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30th Nov 2019

Bowling club provides venue for litter pick

Hi all, There was a litter pick today in St Chads park, organised by "Keep on the grass" which is a recent resurrection of what used to be the "Friends of St Chads Park". "Keep on the grass has informal links with the Chadwell Heath Residents Association (CHRA) and the club got involved as Gloria Simmons (social member) asked if the club could be used as a focal point for the event. It was an enjoyable one hour and although litter picking may not be a very glamorous activity it is actually very satisfying and the group atmosphere is incredibly motivating. 25 People turned up for what was the new organisations first event, and that was a really good turnout. The pickers ages ranged from young children to those in their golden years, all equipment was provided and between everyone we managed to collect 37 black bags worth of rubbish. LBBD Park Ranger Carol took it all away to be disposed of. In one respect not a bad haul for one hours effort but at the same time how depressing that so much rubbish is thoughtlessly just disposed of on the ground. It's actually a great waste of resources because a large proportion of what was collected were drinks cans and bottles which are so easily recycled. One bonus of the bowling club providing the venue where people could meet before hand and after for a cup of tea and a chat, was that it gives exposure to the club. Many people living even relatively close to the park have no idea that the club is there and what a great facility it provides. It would be nice if for the next litter pick (yet to be decided but it will happen) we could get some more club members involved and if they each brought one more person then who knows what could happen. The picture below shows the gang before setting out on their quest. From the club, Gloria Simmons and Keith Hutton were instrumental in the litter pick being organised, they were there today as were Dilowar Khan and Bernard Dowley. Also present were former St Chads members Joan and Dave Garfield. It was a very rewarding experience and one which everyone wanted to see repeated. A big thank you to all that were involved in the event organisation and who took part.

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