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30th Jan 2023

RAL & RAL(M) competitions - new RAL rules for 2023

HI all,

The rules for RAL competition for 2023 have been amended, the main change being that the RAL will now be a triples competition and not fours. The RALM remains unchanged. The reason for the change is that due to ever shrinking memberships, most clubs (our included), struggle to turn out 8 players at times. The new rules as issued by the RAL competition secretary are noted below. Please acquaint yourself of them before the season starts.

Redbridge Afternoon League Rules 2023

  1. All men’s matches to be played as a 2 rink 3 wood triples.
  2. The mixed league will be played as 2 full rinks.
  3. Where a match has been arranged between 2 clubs prior to the season starting and on the date in question the match is unable to be played for any reason, the two clubs as a first step should try to re-arrange.
  4. If the reason for a game not being played is that the club can only field 5 players, one lady may play to make up the two rinks.
  5. If a club cannot field 6 players, then a 1 rink fixture may be played. In the mixed league, if a club can field a triple to play a four, it would lose 25% off the score in that rink.
  6. In the event of rule 5, the club who could field a full team will get 2 points and 5 shots for the rink not played, and the match will be played for the usual points tally of 2 points for a win and 2 points for the overall.
  7. If a fixture cannot be played, the club that could have played will receive 3 points and the default club will lose 3 points.
  8. Match fees will remain at £1.00.
  9. The Men’s league must be completed by the 15th of August and the Mixed league by the end of the season.
  10. In the Mixed League each rink must consist of at least one man or one lady for the game to be valid.
  11. The Men’s Final will be played at the end of August

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