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20th Aug 2023

2-woods day 2023

We had an excellent afternoon on the 20th August playing our 2-woods day. The start was delayed due to the Ladies World Cup final which meant a restricted amount of time and rather than as a singles knock-out competition, we played it as a drive with triples over 15 ends. We played a 'spider' before we started play and the winner was Glinys Wadey who won £5.

The winners after a 3-end playoff of the top scoring two teams were Chris Cavanagh (s), Daniel Morris and Roy Hewitt, the runners up were Jeff Freedman (s), Keith Hutton and Kevin Rellis.

A big Thank You! to all the players who took part and helped with getting the rinks laid out and cleaning the clubhouse after last nights entertainment evening. A few photos of the afternoon are below (thanks to Karen, Jan and Mark for taking them)

(L to R) Winners - Daniel Morris, Roy Hewitt, Chris Cavanagh (s) and John Lizzimore (President)
(L to R) Runners-up - John Lizzimore (president), Keith Hutton, Kevin Rellis and Jeff Freedman (s)
(L to R) All the players - Roy Hewitt, Glinys Wadey, Daniel Morris, Bernard Dowley, Pat Little, John Lizzimore, Ken Alderton, Pete Fielding, Chris Cavanagh, Karen Cavanagh, Nicola Dungate, Joy Wright, Jeff Freedman, Ken Greenwood, Keith Hutton, Mark Spanton, Joyce Hewitt, Kevin Rellis and Alan Smith

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