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12th Apr 2020

Covid-19 impact on the 2020 summer playing season

Hi everyone, It won't be unexpected that due to the Covid-19 (Corona virus) lock-down, our 2020 summer bowling season is going to badly impacted, we can already tell you that all the regular competitions (RAL, RAL(M), Tarbard Shield and the WEEL) have all been cancelled for this year by their organisers. This follows the national decisions by Bowls England and Essex county to cancel all national and county matches for 2020. Depending on when, or if, the lock-down is lifted sufficiently to allow us to get back to the bowling green safely then we'll try to instigate a series of friendlies with the clubs we would otherwise have played matches against. Other impacts are to the summer outings. At the moment Lyminge (in May), Herne Bay and Canterbury (both in June) are already cancelled, the next would be Eastbourne at the end of July, a decision on that trip and the rest will be made nearer the time although I don't think anyone has any realistic optimism that the lock-down will have been lifted by then, we'll just have to see. In the same vein, we don't know what the impact to the internal competitions is going to be yet. Some which attract just a few entrants may still be able to be played if the restrictions are lifted sufficiently and in time, but competitions such as the Championship and Pegram must be in doubt due to the number of entrants but again we must wait and see. In the mean time, we are continuing to do the necessary mowing and maintenance of the green (albeit at a reduce frequency) so that we can get out there quickly if the lock-down is lifted. The government's rules permit 1 hour of exercise for well-being and it might be possible to do that as an individual (or dual members if from the same household) bowling practice session providing we can make that work and stay within the governments guidelines at the time. Not sure how we would work the logistics of that yet or if it could even practically be done, we will give that more though if it looks like that may be possible. For the moment, hope you are bearing up and that boredom isn't making you climb the wall. If you have a new Smartphone or iPhone (or number) which we don't know of then please do let me know what it is. If you install WhatsApp then you can join the St Chads chats and be entertained by various video's, anecdotes etc to be amused. If you do want to get out to the bowling green for an hour (for your daily exercise) and do some small things then contact me and I will let you know what you can do . Kind regards, Bernard. Secretary.

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