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Any member wishing to make a financial donation to the club is requested to consider making a HMRC gift-aid declaration in support of the donation. All this involves is a one-time filling in of a very simple and short form so that the club can make a gift-aid claim and receive an additional 25% of the donation value back from HMRC. So, for example, a £10 donation is worth £12.50 to the club, £25 is worth £31.50. Your gift-aid form is retained by the club, it is not sent to HMRC.

There is no additional cost other than the donation to the donor providing that in the tax year you make the donation you will pay, or have paid (claims can go back 4 years), sufficient income or capital-gains tax to cover the gift-aid amount. For example, if you allow the club to gift-aid a £10 donation, then you must have paid £2.50 in either income or capital gains tax for that year. If you have not already paid this tax then you are liable to pay this to HMRC.

Gift-aid declaration

Download our gift-aid declaration form

Declaration form

Please print and complete it and then hand it to the club secretary. If you are unable to print this form then please speak to the secretary.

The club will thank you greatly for both your donation and allowing it to be gift-aided.

New members are always welcome

Pop in and give it a try, any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon or contact us to arrange a convenient time.