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30th Jun 2024

ECBA Triples Quarter Finals - 4th July 6pm

St Chads is hosting 3 ECBA Triples Quarter Finals on Thursday 4th July at 6pm. It's a great opportunity to see some of the County's top bowlers in action so please have an early tea/dinner and come to watch. There could be a fair bit of support for the teams so get there a little bit early if you want a front row (bench) seat.

It shouldn't need to be said but can those watching from St Chads, please observe common etiquette so no walking across the line of sight of bowlers and hushed conversations in case this disturbs their concentration. You can of course show appreciation for good shots but that should be subdued and stop when the next bowler steps up to the mat. How other spectators behave is up to them and the umpire will deal will that as needed.

St Chads used to regularly host county games and if all goes well then we may again get more ECBA games in the future.

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