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Internal competition booking calendar


Whilst there are restrictions in place and we cannot move freely at the club, the following is the guidance from Bowls England (click here for the latest update) with a few amendments by us to cover how we act when we arrive at the club.

  • You must not book a slot if you have Corona virus symptoms or have had symptoms any time up to 7 days prior to making a booking.
  • If you, or someone in your household, display any Corona virus symptoms in the time between making a booking and playing then you will cancel your slot if possible but in any case you will NOT turn up at the club to play.
  • If you develop Corona virus symptoms within 7 days of playing with another member then you must contact that member and a committee member to advise you have symptoms.
  • There are now two classes of games, scheduled and unscheduled. Ad-hoc roll-ups would be classed as unscheduled and require an empty rink between two used rinks. Regular rollup’s (Tuesday and Thursday afternoon’s 2-4pm, inter-club fixtures are classed as scheduled and a spare rink is not required.
  • Government guidelines now permit up to 24 people to be on the green at any time.
  • DO NOT JUST TURN UP FOR AN UNSCHEDULED ROLL-UP. Your playing slot MUST be booked in advance via this booking system.
  • You can make a booking for yourself and one other person only and only for one rink. You cannot book a rink on behalf of someone else if you are not going to play on that rink..
  • You can only play on the rink you have booked (alternate rinks are used to keep an empty rink between those that are being played on).
  • Booking slots are of 90 minute duration which includes 10 minutes between allocated time slots to enable players to arrive/depart safely. You can play for less time than this but not more.
  • Do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before your allocated time slot.
  • f you can bring your own hand sanitiser and gloves then please do so, if not then there will be sanitiser available in the clubhouse.
  • Use hand sanitiser before, during and after play.
  • Please remember that if you use club provided bottles of hand sanitiser and disinfectant, leave used/empty bottles IN THE EQUIPMENT SHED.
  • The clubhouse may be used after May 17th as directed by the Covid rules in force. The toilets are open and changing rooms may be used although this is discouraged. If possible please arrive ready to play with only your shoes that need to be changed at the rink side.
  • Get the key for the shed holding the rink equipment from the keysafe by the clubhouse entry shutter. The keysafe code can be obtained from another bowler or from Dave Jarrold. REMEMBER TO RETURN THE KEY TO THE KEYSAFE WHEN LOCKING UP OR THE NEXT PLAYER(S) WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESSS THE EQUIPMENT.
  • Visitors/spectators are permitted inside the bowling area providing they adhere to current social distancing rules, if they do not then they should be asked to leave.
  • If the weather turns bad then you can shelter in the clubhouse providing you adhere to the Covid rules in force for internal gatherings (currently no more than 6 persons or from two households and social distancing of 2m or 1m+ with facemasks in use).

All the above restrictions are in place to help keep you safe and permit a degree of bowling. If these restrictions are breeched then the brakes will come on again and the club will have to close until the lockdown is totally lifted which probably means no more bowling this summer. We have worked hard to make it possible for the club to re-open so don’t mess it up by being stupid and ignoring the restrictions. Those of us who have put in all the graft will not be pleased if that effort is wasted by a few thoughtless individuals.

We will start with no cap on the number of occasions a player can book a rink each week but if too many people cannot book a timeslot then a cap will be introduced to ensure that the available capacity is used fairly.

By clicking HERE you agree with abiding by the condition mentioned above and will continue to booking your slot(s). You will be taken to a screen where you can see what has been booked and thereby decide what you can book. If you are trying to book a slot for the same day as booking then there may be a time lag between the booking being notified and it appearing in the table(s).

New members are always welcome

Pop in and give it a try, any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon or contact us to arrange a convenient time.